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Whisperfield Royal Ebony   13"
October 29,1994 is not a date I'll soon forget. That was the
date of United Kennel Club's first ever all-breed show in
Detroit, Michigan. That was also the first time I had ever
shown in an all-breed event.

The day had started well as Ebony won breed and finished
her requirements for her Champion degree. Having
satisfied all the goals I had set for the week-end, I was
totally unprepared for the events of the rest of the evening.
Fortunately Ebony had been in the group ring before so I
just followed her around. Actually I did everything I could
just to keep up with her. Most 13" beagles don't gait so fast
you can't keep up but she and I were on the move!

When we got the Group 1 nod from judge Melissa Maitland,
I couldn't imagine a more exhilarating moment. I thought it
was exciting to win two consecutive Hunting Beagle
National Show Championships ('92 & '93), but those wins
paled to this. Suddenly people from all over the show site
started congratulating us and giving words of
encouragement. But in the back of my mind I knew we had
gone as far as
this novice was going to go!

When the Best-In-Show ring was finally called I tried to
relax and enjoy the moment, but it was impossible. All I
could do was keep telling myself 'Don't make a fool of
yourself' over and over. Now, I don't mind telling you that I
sweat rather freely, and when you pile a case of nerves on
me it can get ugly! Every place I stopped in that ring was a
puddle of sweat! And when Ebony decided she had had
enough it got worse! So here I am, on my knees on the
mat, trying to stack a beagle who had decided to quit,
hoping that the end was near so I could breathe again. I
thought my relief had come when the president of the
United Kennel Club, Fred Miller, took the microphone to
announce the 3 judge panel decision.

Finally I could relax so I sat back on my heels and let
Ebony stand up against my chest. Mr. Miller made a short
speech and then announced the winner was number 36. I
looked left, then right and didn't see any really happy
handlers. Again I looked because I knew it wasn't me. Then
it dawned on me to check my armband (first show, you
know), but before I could, I heard a spectator behind me

"It's the Beagle!".
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Am/Can Ch Briarhill's Whisperfield Tigre
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